Sickening videos show Chinese people eating animals that are still alive and this weird tradition may be a No.1 reason for Coronavirus outbreak


An outbreak of new coronavirus in China has sickened more than 2550 people (map is updated in real time) so far and killed at least 17. Some reports say that virus already came to Europe, USA, Japan and Russia.

A Chinese Weibo user from Wuhan City wrote: “We deliberately avoided going out and tried to disinfect and wear masks, but food and disinfection supplies are scarce and we need more resources. We hope everyone can understand that we feel like the end of the world now. We really need help.”-Some residents have called on the government to provide more resources in Wuhan, alleging that masks are in short supply and food prices are rising. A Weibo user wrote: “Can the government help solve resource problems? Can we control food prices?”

But it seem like the food is the main reason for this virus outbreak, a food that should not be food, that is. Outraged citizens of China and Hong Kong started posting videos of their compatriots, eating live snakes, frogs, baby mouse, groundhogs. “It (virus) likely originated in some non-human animal and jumped to a human,” said Dr. Isaac Bogoch, an infectious disease specialist at Toronto General Hospital.

What follows is the daily life of millions in China, and this is happening in 2020. Why is this still allowed??