Iraqi-born man sentenced to 8 years after beating his Swedish girlfriend with tubes, belts, cables and fists.

Photo:Police Investigation

Why people do this? Just looking at these images you might ask yourself if this person is still alive.

Luckily she survived to tell the truth about the monster that did this to her.

In the article about how 25-year-old “Josefin” is viciously beaten by her partner, it is never mentioned that he is from Iraq. He has now been sentenced to prison but cannot be deported because he has been granted Swedish citizenship. He came to Sweden in 2009 and got the citizenship in 2015. Now that this is said out loud, we can continue with the report.

Dagens Nyheter writes : “When the images of Josefin’s torn body were to be shown in court, the question was raised whether her wounds would be covered – for Josephin’s sake. She said no. The prosecutor said no. They agreed: This is what everyone must see. This is what it looks like – the violence, the hatred of women. “

The magazine then writes about “hatred in society” – without mentioning that Josefin’s partner named Omar, is from Iraq.

In a police interview, Omar states that Josefin “has whipped herself”. This is because “she has been influenced by Muslim pilgrims”.

The nerve, the audicity.

Josefin says in police questioning that he punched her with a belt, aluminum tubes, cable, fists, pulled her hair. At one point he took her down in the elevator and said he is goingh to pour gasoline on her and light it.

Last week, Omar was sentenced by Nacka District Court to eight years in prison. However, he cannot be expelled because he is a Swedish citizen now.


  1. That what she deserves by believing in all the propaganda about it religion of peace and how they should embrace immigrants. Your government has been brainwashing you and lying to your citizens.

  2. Write a New Law .
    We can and will Revoke Citizenship.
    For Violence against Women and children ..
    .Look this was attempted murder…. A Mad dog.
    Not welcome.
    Deport him right after he serves ALL his jail time .

    • @Sharon O’Donnell Exactly right! Laws are easily changed for some career politician to benefit from. Should actually do so for the good of a country and protect it’s people. Problem is, evil is now permeating at all levels in gov

    • She will find another to knock her around. Unless Swedes find morals and values they are doomed to be at the muslims mercy in the future.

  3. Just make a new law…he’s obviously a dual citizen so make a law that says if you do terrible things in your host country you get deported to your country of birth…and revoke the dual citizenship at the same time. Its the only way, apart from two rounds to the skull (preferable) to deal with filth like this. We don’t want their kind on European soil, soulless vermin is all they are.

    • Maybe make a law to remove all parasites. These invaders are of no value except for this woman to be knocked around. Maybe she likes it. There are far too many of these invaders and most harm women and the leaders do nothing. It appears Swedes despise themselves and muslim men know it. I simply wish Swedes would get rid of all invaders or allow a takeover and possible attack. One way or another instead of drip, drip evil.

  4. Sweden hates women. Look up dumb blonde in dictionary it says see Sweden. Sweden is a gross nasty place and a terror act that destroys most of the country may happen soon. And it will be there fault so no pity except for the children and only the children. Sweden jumped with joy to bring the devil in and must live with consequences. Swedes have many women in power and all must be sleeping with muslim men and being knocked around and like it.

    • I wonder if there will ever be another major terror attack again. Europe has basically been on lockdown since 2016. The last brave European may have lived in Sweden’s neighbor to the west.

  5. No woman deserves this! Shame on you men that says she deserves to be beaten.. life threatened! The ABUSE WOMEN, and CHILDREN! Everyone of them abusing women deserve to be locked up, and BEATEN BY PRISONERS!! Go home to your country!! I pray the WOMEN IN THE MIDDLE WAST RISE UP AGAINST THESE MONSTERS! There is NOTHING GOOD OR PEACEFUL ABOUT THIS!!! Horrific

  6. Dont go with men from a backward dump that treat women like shit. Have some dignity and stick with your own people.
    Also to the idiots saying swedes are to blame or somehow generally stupid or immoral, you are clueless and ridiculous.

  7. What’s the matter? Aren’t white Swedish men good enough for you? Or are they all effiminate like the muslim ex president of the US? Swedish men probably are a bunch of sissies if they let muslim men come in and take over.

  8. It is in the Koran. Muslims do not recognize women as human beings. They see women as animals and should be treated like that. Women are regularly beaten by their husbands, even by their own sons, as women are not equals. The koran says women must be treated like dogs.
    Women of the world, be warned, stay away from muslim men. You will be stoned to death!


  10. This is anti-iraqi fake news because that’s the only page who shared it. Further more this page is a kike controlled

  11. Did she date outside her race/culture willingly or did he force her?
    If she dated outside of her race willingly, then she is a TRAITOR to her own Tribe and deserved EVERYTHING she got. She doesn’t deserve the love, devotion, or the seed of a Swedish man.

    If he coerced her into sleeping with him or raped her, he deserves to be publicly flogged and hung by the neck until dead.

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