Handcuffed Florida man escapes from Thai police, jumps over the wall and disappears in the jungle.

Ezekiel Shiloni Dolcide, 28, from Florida. Photo: Chalong Police

Article updated on December 19

On December 18 Chalong Police in Phuket released a wanted poster for  Ezekiel Shilon Dolcide, 28 who escaped from their custody.

Dolcide was convicted of possessing marijuana and he also overstayed his visa. He was in the process of being deported after his conviction. While being transferred to Chalong Police Station Dolcide made a dash for freedom when police opened the car door upon arrival at the station. He ran into the jungle, still handcuffed.

Col Sarawut Chuprasit, Chalong Poice Chief said: “He jumped over a wall and ran into the jungle.”

A whole search party consisting of police, Rawai Municipality officials and volunteers went looking for the fugitive from Florida but they could not find him. A wanted poster was issued and police requested that people contact them even if they see someone who just looks like Dolcide, although no reward was offered for the person who finds him.

Police warned that he is considered dangerous and he now faces an additional charge of escaping from custody. Police believe that he remains in Phuket and are focusing their search on areas that are popular with tourists.

After his conviction he is forbidden from entering Thailand and Col Sarawut said: “He may want to live in Thailand, but he cannot stay. Phuket Immigration have been informed of his case already.”

It is reported that Ezekiel is caught today. Video is posted on Youtube.