Bosnia, a country that does not even control its own airspace, pledges not to occupy the Moon and other celestial bodies.


The same day Elon Musk promised to send 1 million people to Mars by 2050 , Bosnia and Herzegovina pledged not to occupy the Moon or other celestial bodies, local media report.

It is part of a document ratified yesterday at a session of the Bosnian Parliament in Sarajevo.

It is a set of principles governing the activities of country in space exploration, including the Moon and other celestial bodies.

What have they committed themselves to?

Among other things, BiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina) also pledged not to use nuclear weapons in space.

The treaty states that the universe, including the Moon and other celestial bodies, is not subject to national appropriation on the basis of claims of sovereignty, through use or occupation, or by any other means.

It is an international treaty, and some parliamentarians say it is not a priority. One of them is MP Semsudin Mehmedovic, from the Party of Democratic Action (SDA).

“While the state is losing huge numbers of people, while we are sending the best workforce to Europe, we are dealing with space problems that are absolutely not of our concern, but must be aligned with some European principles,” Mehmedovic says.

“The rules on the use of space resources could wait, at least until the earthly ones are settled,” Mirko Sarovic, a member of the Serbian Democratic Party (SDS) in the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina, told Radio Free Europe.


  1. Bosnia is controlling its own airspace, you have no clue what you’re talking about. You’re placing false information

    • Bosnia is ocupied country and cant controll its own territory… Airspace too… This is state made of cantons where every canton is small country. Very complicated situation in BiH.

  2. Bosnia & Herzegovina owns its own airspace, your site clearly needs clicks so you choose to outright lie in your title, also to whomever wrote this monstrosity: learn to write, being illiterate while crapping out articles isn’t OK. And another thing: B&H doesn’t even have nuclear weapons, you’re just that desperate for hits.

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