Ukrainian Millionaire’s Helicopter Found Abandoned in Croatian Field.


Today, a luxurious Ukrainian helicopter landed in the Karlovac (Croatia) area. It is the Robinson R66 single-engine turbine model, worth around 1.5 million dollars, which landed on the Šumbar farm owned by the Pivac Group, around noon, according to local media. The helicopter has the registration mark UR-HAA, indicating that it is Ukrainian, so the locals immediately called the police. The pilot was not present.

The owner of the helicopter is a wealthy Ukrainian. Was he going on a wild boar hunt?

Karlovac police officers and other services responsible for national security, as well as air traffic safety, arrived at the scene, according to media.

The same media writes that the owner of this aircraft is a wealthy Ukrainian who usually lives in Italy but was flying to Zagreb, Croatia today and duly reported the flight. But, once there he refueled and then headed towards Karlovac without any notification, communication, or permission, where he was going on a wild boar hunt.

One agency allegedly organized the hunt, which deals with hunting tourism. Jutarnji writes that a huge penalty awaits them now.

The owner of the helicopter that unexpectedly landed on one of the fields of the Šumbar farm, is wealthy Ukrainian Igor Mazepa, the CEO of investment company Concorde Capital.

Igor Mazepa pictured riding a boat, from his Instagram profile

Before visiting Croatia, Radarbox registered that this same helicopter visited a couple of popular retreats for wealthy people such as Lake Como (Italy) where many A-listers own or have owned villas on its shores, such as George Clooney, Madonna, Richard Branson and Sylvester Stallone. Furthermore this same helicopter was seen just a five days ago in Bad Vöslau, the cradle of the Austrian red wine cultivation.