Extreme Cyberstalker arrested after sending prostitutes, tow trucks and pizza delivery to his victims’ doors.


A home owner in North Salt Lake, Utah and his adult daughter were the victims of what federal prosecutors described as “extreme cyberstalking”.

Although it is unclear why they were targeted, the abuse seemed to be targeted directly at Walt Gilmore’s family.

A Hawaii man, Loren Okamura, 44, is accused of sending them hundreds of unwanted services which included tow trucks, tree-trimming, environmental cleanup, locksmiths and prostitutes. Okamura appeared in federal court in Honolulu on Wednesday and his extradition to Utah was ordered.

He is accused of tormenting a family in Utah by sending a seemingly endless parade of unwanted services — including tow trucks, locksmiths and prostitutes — to their home for more than a year.

He started tormenting Gilmore and his daughter early in 2018 by ordering more than 500 unwanted service people to their home. He also sent the daughter threats via email telling her to “sleep with one eye open and keep looking over her shoulder,” and “You should just kill yourself and do your family a favor,”

Although he used encryption and apps that made him appear anonymous, investigators were able to tie the crimes to Okamura through his Apple ID and records from his cell phone.

He was arrested last week Friday and faces charges of cyberstalking, interstate threats and transporting people for prostitution.


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