Piers Morgan tells Lily Allen to ‘f*** off’ after her complaint about Boris Johnson’s victory, Lily Allen deletes her Twitter account


Left vs Right , EU vs Brexit row is at all time high after this weeks elections.

Piers Morgan, Good Morning Britain co-host, has told Lily Allen to “fuck off” after she said ”some say it was Brexit, some say it was Jeremy, personally, and I know no one wants to hear it, I think that racism and misogyny runs so so deep in this country and that Boris won because of his attitude towards those things and not in spite of them.”

Lets look at her post with 60K+ likes

Lily Allen posted a series of meltdown posts following a disastrous night for Labour. And then she deletes her Twitter account

But before she deleted her account Morgan responded: “I think I speak for Britain when I say if @lilyallen doesn’t like it here, why doesn’t she f*** off?”


Some other Instagram users also disagree with LILY on this topic, saying:”You talk some shit Lily, used to like you but you’ve involved yourself more in politics than you have on getting new music out. Thought you was an artist not an MP, it’s embarrassing how deep you’ve gotten with it all”

…and:” Typical lefty, pull the racist card when you’ve nothing constructive to say! “

I think everyone needs to calm down.

Your thoughts?


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