Disappointed by his $200K Mercedes AMG G63, owner drops it from a helicopter.


First things first. We do know that this is done for publicity. It is a stunt, but still, it is a stunt with a Mercedes-AMG G63.

We wanted to start the article with “In Soviet Russia…” but Russia is not Soviet for a long time. Then we thought about “This crazy Russia guy…”, but he is not crazy, he is just a part of YouTube and Instagram (2.8m followers) generation.

Anyways, it is reported in local (Russian) media that a guy decided to drop a Merc from a chopper.

Why he decided to do this? In his words:”Did you ever wanted to destroy your mobile phone when it is glitching? Well, me too. I bought this car 2 years ago, the price was $200K. Purchase of this car was my goal, but I am disappointed. Too many glitches.”

On the afternoon of December 19, two guys from Moscow arrived in Peski and signed a helicopter rental agreement with the airport’s director general, a news portal “Stolica Onego” reports . For 250 thousand rubles($4K), the helicopter crew agreed to lift the Mercedes-AMG G 63 and unhook it at a height of 300 (1000 feet) meters. A tractor hired by the YouTubers took out the wreckage of G63.

“This is an unprecedented case,” the airport said. “There hasn’t been anything like this in Karelia.”

Lets take a look at the video

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