French President Macron becomes tribal chief and receives a fly-whisk.


A news that you probably wont be reading about in other news outlets is the news of the day at Alugy. Yesterday, a 42-year-old French President Emmanuel Macron visited Africa with his wife Brigitte, where he shared a holiday meal with French forces stationed in Ivory Coast.

While visiting Ivory Coast, Emmanuel Macron inaugurated a sports complex. On the sidelines of his visit to Abidjan, he announced that 33 “terrorists” had been “neutralized” in Mali.

But unusual episode happened today, Macron, who celebrated his 42nd birthday, was made traditional chief , inheriting the name of “N’djekouale” (peace seeker in a local language) and attributes related to this honor.

The French president received the garments and items worn by tribal chiefs, such as a traditional linen dress, an undershirt worn under the dress, a mantle that goes over, a chain with beads, bracelets, rings, a cane, as well as matching sandals and a short broom-like item that is used to swat flies, a fly-whisk.

Interesting piece of information – In 1827, the last Ottoman ruler of Algeria, Hussein Dey, struck the French consul, Pierre Deval in the face with a fly-whisk during a dispute over unpaid French debts to Algeria. That insult became a pretext for the French invasion of Algeria in 1830.