Croatian artist reimagines iconic IKEA catalogue in the style of post apocalypse world


DIY fans will not go wild over IKEA catalogue redesign by Croatian artist Filip Filković.

In one of his recent videos Filip Filković worked with Luka Modric, but now he decided to share illustrations in which everything is not ideal, as it usually is when we look at the iconic IKEA catalogue.

This thirty-nine-year-old artist on social networks, better known by the name Philatz, decided to display the catalogs in a different, post-apocalypse style, and added an unforgettable detail – prices.

All the characteristics of a classic catalog are there: general appearance, similar font and product names and their neat text descriptions.

“It’s a parody of the traditional catalog, with the emphasis being on the contrast between the perfect, staged spaces in the original catalog and the messy, cluttered spaces in this concept. This whole game is a reminder that life is messy and imperfect, and that it’s important to embrace and accept those imperfections as part of the human experience,” the artist told local media.

He also stated that he made this catalog with the help of Midjourney Ai , where he entered data that helped create something like this. He said that after him, many other users made similar catalogs with some other brands.

“Printing this would not make any sense at the moment, unless someone recognizes this idea as a potential for some kind of ‘AI generated’ exhibition. I certainly see the great potential of all this,” says Filković, who believes that the irony of the concept he was talking about is that, for unlike other things we can create with our hands, this is not his; it was done by the AI with his guidance.

“If it’s not mine, then it’s ‘ours’, because we created AI,” concludes Filković.