IfRx: Attention investors – there is currently a bad mood


In addition to analyzes from banking houses, the long-term sentiment among investors and users on the Internet also sets the benchmark for the mood surrounding stocks. The number of contributions over a longer period and the change in mood give a good long-term picture of the mood. We have examined InflaRx stock for these two factors. The number of contributions or the intensity of the discussion showed a medium level of activity, which in our opinion can be used to generate a “hold” rating. The rate of mood change for InflaRx shows a negative change according to our measurement. This corresponds to a “sell” rating. In this respect, we give the InflaRx share the grade “Sell” with regard to the long-term sentiment.

InflaRx: What do the analysts say?

A total of 4 analyst ratings have been submitted for the InflaRx share in the past twelve months. 3 of these were “Buy”, 1 “Hold” and 0 “Sell”. In summary, this results in a “Buy” rating for the InflaRx share. There have been no analyst updates for InflaRx from the past month. The ratings performed by the analysts resulted in an average price target of USD 63. The security thus has an upside potential of 1752.94 percent, based on the last closing price (USD 3.4). A “Buy” recommendation is derived from this. The bottom line is that InflaRx receives a “Buy” rating for this point of the analysis.

How is the RSI developing?

For stocks, the technical analysis also looks at the relationship between the upward and downward movements of a price over time and records this in the Relative Strength Index for a period of 7 days. Based on this so-called RSI, the InflaRx is currently oversold with a value of 7.29. The “Buy” rating therefore applies to this signal. If the relative movement is extended to 25 days (RSI25), the value for the share is 29.86. This is a signal that the stock is considered oversold. Accordingly, the classification on this basis is “Buy”. Overall, this results in a “Buy” rating for the RSI.