Gazprom shares: What is next on the table?


Yesterday evening, Gazprom was able to end a miraculously strong day very positively in late trading. The analysis of chart technicians who give the price target of EUR 6.50 a serious chance is taking on more and more contours – the chances are increasing and increasing. Now it gets explosive, possibly before the new week.

Gazprom: Just before the breakthrough

According to analysts, after a price increase of over 5%, the company would now be on the verge of a strong breakthrough. This is the strongest course in more than three weeks. For the first time, Gazprom’s stock approached the valuation at 5 euros. As reported several times at this point:

If the stock manages to get past this mark, it could go up relatively quickly in the direction of 6 euros. Because there are hardly any hurdles to be seen on the way up. Accordingly, there is strong technical hope that the level of EUR 6.50 can still be notified.

In addition, the technical analysts would also see an upward trend. Because the 200-day line runs in the amount of 6.38 euros. 6.50 euros, a previously important chart-technical brand, would therefore provide a double reason to assume that bull market mode is finally active.

Since Gazprom also benefits from the latest news in addition to the technical and chart-related assessments, the view should be worthwhile. After all, China has started economic activity again at a fairly high level. In addition, the EU could soon allow significantly more productions and also need gas. This would help to secure the already announced dividend, since new sales would then also be expected in 2020.

Gazprom is also considered a dividend star, as the dividend yield this year should be relatively high – 6% to 8% would not be a surprise based on the current price.DISPLAY