Another earthquake hits Romania, it was felt in Serbia as well.


An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.7, at a depth of 40 kilometers, was recorded on Monday afternoon in Oltenia,Romania the earthquake being felt in several cities. 

The earthquake was felt in almost the entire country, in the Capital, Craiova, Cluj, Arad, Timișoara and other important cities in the country.

What to do in case of an earthquake

  • Buildings must be left calmly, without taking unnecessary things, and the way out must be checked carefully, to avoid exposure to dangers.
  • For any eventuality, injury caused by falling plaster, bricks, etc. must be prevented. when leaving the building, using a protective helmet or, in its absence, a chair (stool) or other protective object (bag, satchel, thick books, etc.).
  • If the doors are blocked at the exit, you must act without panic to unlock them. If the doors cannot be unlocked, it is recommended to break the glass, clean the frame and the debris area, using a chair, a vase, etc. and evacuation through the gap thus created.
  • If, as a result of an earthquake, there are injured people, they must be freed from the places where they were trapped and they must be given first aid.