Elon Musk almost burned down Adam Neumann’s Flow with a single Tweet


Adam Neumann, co-founder of WeWork and Flow rental-housing company, recently stated at a conference organized by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz that tenants in his Flow apartments will feel valued. By creating an environment that values their presence and encourages them to feel part of something, Neumann hopes to inspire a sense of ownership among residents.

“If you’re in an apartment building and you’re a renter and your toilet gets clogged, you call the super,” Neumann said. “If you’re in your own apartment, and you bought it and you own it and your toilet gets clogged, you take the plunger.”

But this video of him explaining his new venture is what the internet is talking about.

Watching the video without sound must have inspired Elon Musk to write this tweet. And if that wasn’t enough, other Twitter users started making fun of the “new revolutionary idea” presented by Mr. Neumann.

“This idiot is creating a landlord/apartment-management company and calling it disruptive,” A.J. Delgado stated. “LOL Does he think people will act/feel as though they own an apartment bc he gives them some lame, played out incentive, like 1% cash-back if the lobby saved on the monthly energy bill?”

“I never turned on the sound for this video before I saw your comment. And now I will never hear it. This is all I know about this video now.”-it was noted by @the4rchangel and looks like many agree with this line.

“Who in their right mind would trust their money with this guy?”- asks @CNyeunhuis while man that goes by CryptoInvestor explains this video perfectly with: “That moment when you got $350M in investment and you’re talking smart shit and everyone is nodding because they want a piece of your pie”.