Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, revealed his salary.


Steve Wozniak , who founded Apple with Steve Jobs , said he was receiving a $ 50/week salary from the corporation, although he left it in the 1980s. He said this in the Guy Kawasaki podcast “Remarkable People”.

Back in 2018, Wozniak revealed that he technically remains an Apple employee. Then he said that he received a small salary at the company, although he did not specify which one. According to him, the whole thing is in the organizational structure of Apple, because of which he is technically still subordinate only to Steve Jobs.

“After his death in 2011, no one can fire me,” CNBC quotes him. Thus, Wozniak is the only Apple employee whose name appears on the payroll from the first day of the company’s existence.

Wozniak also said that he and Jobs always had a very different attitude towards money.