Keep It Simple


The most basic rule for pitching journalists

Tech journalists hand out PR tips like candy, yet it’s shocking how often startups completely forget the most basic rules when it comes to pitching.  

One of the worst offences? 

Bloating your pitch with buzzwords, clichés and bullsh*t.

Perhaps out of fear of looking like they’re unprofessional, people who write pitches to tech journalists often inject their prose with so many buzzwords it’s difficult to figure out what the product actually does and/or what you’re asking for in your email.  If the journalist is halfway through your email and you still haven’t made your point – you’re doing it wrong. Very wrong.

Cut to the chase.  Be clear.   Or, as the ever eloquent Mike Butcher says: Get to the damn point!

Exhibit A, taken from this presentation: “How To Deal With Tech Media”

Or, as former New York Times Technology columnist David Pogue says,  

“Write your message in English — or risk being flushed right down the discoverability hub” 

There you have it, folks.

If you’re going to ignore everything else, remember this:  keep it simple.