You will need to pay EUR 190 for COVID-19 test when you come to Vienna airport


The Vienna airport will offer coronary virus testing starting Monday so passengers arriving to Austria can avoid 14 days quarantine.

Passengers will have a molecular biological or PCR COVID-19 test available at the airport, and they will have their results delivered in two to three hours.

“Traveling by plane, whether it is a business trip or an emergency trip, will become safer and easier,” the airport said in a statement.

A test at the airport, which costs 190 euros, can also be taken by passengers leaving Vienna.

Passengers arriving at the airport will need to show the physicians’ certificate that they are negative for the corona virus, and the test must not be more than four days old, otherwise they will be quarantined.

Vienna Airport has scheduled flights to Doha, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Lisbon, Minsk and Sofia, as well as charter flights. Airplanes are prohibited from landing in areas deemed to be at high risk.

So far, 15,526 cases of infection have been registered in Austria, while 598 have died.

Austria began easing restraint measures after seven weeks of blockade, opening shopping centers, larger stores, and hairdressing salons