Millionaire’s son who threatened barman with a gun given permission to jet off to Barbados before facing justice


A visitor to the Sandbanks Yacht Club, who threatened the barman with the imitation firearm went on a holiday in Barbados before starting his sentence.

Within a day of becoming a member of the Sandbanks Yacht Club, Mr George was refused alcohol because he appeared intoxicated. He then proceeded to lift his clothes to show the barman the handle of a pistol while saying: “don’t be a p**sy, give me a drink”.

Mr George was later arrested at his £2m seaside house, after a thorough search of the house was conducted.

Oliver George, 26, appeared in court two days before a scheduled four-week holiday in the Caribbean where his family has a house. Back then he was sentenced to a maximum of six months, but the judge deferred the sentence until after his scheduled holiday.

After he returned from his vacation he was back in Magistrates’ Court on December 4th. Even though everyone expected a maximum 6 months jail he was given an 18 month community order with 200 hours unpaid work, and ordered to pay a £85 fine, a £90 victim’s surcharge and £400 compensation, which all together is less than a one way ticket to Barbados.

Oliver is the son of Brendan George, the owner of Wimborne market. Oliver already have convictions for assault by beating from 2019 and drink driving from 2014 and 2017. Such a swell young lad.