UK cleaning company turns “the mundane into something magical” by offering naked cleaning


Victoria Murphy, 26, has found a way to turn “the mundane into something magical” according to her website. The website is that of a new cleaning company, called “Glimmer” whose employees clean in the nude.

The firm, based in the UK has been running since 2017and offers cleaners in various states of undress, with the price depending on how many articles of clothing the client wants removed. You would pay $95 for a cleaner in lingerie, $110 a topless cleaner and a completely naked cleaner for $130.

Murphy states firmly that they are not an escort agency and Glimmer vets every client in order to protect its employees. She goes on to say that “What we offer is fun and flirty.”

Surprisingly, the clientele is rather diverse, ranging from clients as young as 30, to others in their 80s.

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