Bucket of hot diarrhea poured on woman’s head in Los Angeles


Los Angeles, CA

This year, there were more than 8000 reported crimes in the L.A., where the suspects were homeless people.

But what will go down as the most disgusting attack, is the attack on the women with a steamy bucket of diarrhea, that happened this month.

Heidi Van Tassel was enjoying her time with the friends in authentic Thai restaurnt, just steps away from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. When she finished the dinner she went into her car. Suddenly a man approaches. He randomly pulled her and dragged her out of the car and to the middle of the street. That is when he dumped a Folger’s coffee can of feces on her head, Van Tassel said and public records confirm.

She said:”It was diarrhea. Hot liquid. I was soaked, and it was coming off my eyelashes and into my eyes. Paramedics who came to treat me said there was so much of it on me, that it looked like the man was saving it up for a month.

She will be retested every three months for infectious diseases for the foreseeable future after her attack.

The man who attacked her, identified in court records as Jere Blessings, was charged with battery and taken to jail. Blessings was described as a transient with “schizophrenia and psychotic disorders.”


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