While Russian soldiers die en masse, Putin praises them: “They fight heroically”


Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose country attacked Ukraine, praised the work of the Russian Navy’s naval infantry, noting that it is “working as it should” and that its fighters are fighting heroically.

Putin said the infantry were “fighting heroically” in the war zone, which Russia calls a “special military operation zone”.
“The marines are working as they should. Right now. They are fighting heroically. Both the Pacific Fleet and the Northern Fleet,” Putin told the “Russia 1” channel.

Marine infantry is a mobile order of the coastal forces of the Russian Navy. Among its tasks are the execution of combat operations as part of naval, air and airborne forces, as well as the protection of naval bases, islands and coastal facilities.

The headquarters of the Russian Pacific Fleet is located in Fokin, near Vladivostok, and the Northern Fleet is located in Severomorsk.

Ukrainians claim that only on Saturday, February 11, they managed to eliminate 900 Russian soldiers, destroy 13 tanks, 14 armored vehicles, 17 artillery systems and two multiple rocket launchers.

The UK Ministry of Defense said in its daily intelligence analysis that the increase in Russian losses in the war in Ukraine was due to a number of factors including a lack of trained personnel, coordination and frontline logistics.

It is noted that in the last two weeks, Russia has probably suffered the highest casualty rate since the first week of the February 2022 invasion of Ukraine.