The infamous $120K banana wall vandalized with Lipstick:“Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself”


We already reported of the banana that sold for $120,000 and about the guy that ate that banana and we thought this is it. What else can happen in Art Basel Miami (besides this orgy), that didn’t happen yet?

As reported by Twitter users and later The Miami Herald , the banana was replaced with “Epstien (sic) didn’t kill himself”, by 46-year-old Rodrick Webber of Massachusetts .

Before vandalizing the wall Webber could be heard talking to a security guard asking him “this is the gallery where anyone can do art, right?”

By the way, this is the same guy that attempted to run for president in New Hampshire as ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’





  1. Strange so many have cant see WTF is causing the country, the world, to be going to hell in a hand basket so quickly, meanwhile they get their news at places like this, who list this story under “must read”.
    thanks for doing your part to make the world a better place.

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