New all time high next week for Amazon (AMZN) stocks?

amzn share price rising

Many analysts are sure that Coronavirus will leave a different world the aas far as people’s social behavior is concerned, on the other hand, there will likely be many changes in the economy. One of the absolute top profiteers of the crisis: Amazon. More and more investors recognize this – and invest.

What would the crisis be without Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN)? An even bigger nightmare for a lot of people. While businesses had to close in bulk, Amazon reliably delivers. The group quickly increased its staff in order to meet all customer requirements as quickly as possible. This makes stay-at-home orders and shutdowns noticeably easier to endure.

The stock exchange clearly sees Amazon as a sustainable crisis winner. Since the panic sell-off in March, the stock traders have been taking action – and have given the share a price increase of 26% since the low almost four weeks ago.

Amazon easily overcame the psychologically important resistance at $ 2,000, as did the intermediate high of $ 2,025. If the momentum continues, which is currently expected, it could quickly move towards a record high of $ 2,185 and well above that number.

Amazon is the beacon in this battle and a strong buy, the company that should benefit the most from the expected trend towards much more e-commerce.