A photo appeared allegedly showing remnants of a TOR AA rocket in a close proximity of Ukrainian airliner

PHOTO https://twitter.com/AshkanMonfared_/status/1214956002455375872

A photograph taken allegedly at the crash site of a downed UAI Boeing 737-800 began to spread on Twitter . It is alleged that it depicts a fragment of a rocket launched, presumably, from the anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) “Tor”.

We reverse searched the photo on Google but we did not found the same or similar photo elsewhere. On the other hand, the person who posted the photo seem to be an Iranian living in California and running a site against current Iran regime.

After it was posted the photo was noticed by the founder of the online publication Bellingcat , and a British journalist Eliot Higgins, specializing in investigations. He noted that the origin of the photograph remains to be verified and that it will be difficult to clarify the source of the frame based on geolocation data, but promised that Bellingcat will check the version of a possible attack on the plane from Tor.

“We’ll take a look at the last known location of the aircraft and it’s range from Iranian military bases, and see if the Tor system would have been in range to verify the Tor missile scenario is viable. This is independent of verifying if the image is genuine.”

Also a new video appeared online, showing the fall of the UIA Boeing, from a different angle.