Vietnamese teacher opens chicken egg to find 7 yolks inside.


Nguyen Trang, from Bạc Liêu Province in Vietnam, currently living in Beijing, was preparing a meal on November 23 when he made the discovery, according to Baodautu news portal.

The egg looks no different from the outside, but when Nguyen Trang cracked it open, seven yolks came out, as you can see in the following video.

Experts at Paultry Keeper say that double yolk eggs are “common in young, laying hens, especially from hens that are from highly productive strains.” They do not say how often eggs come with 7 yolks, but in my 45 years I saw a double-yolk egg a couple of times, never 3 yolk eggs….and 7 yolks in one egg? What are the chances?

No one calculated that so far, but here is a short scientific work at Wiley Library about double and triple-yolk eggs.