Naked Florida man gets kicked out of the motel, jumps on top of a moving car, steals another car, hits a police vehicle, cops say.



On Monday at around 7 a.m. Hallandale Police officers were called out to deal with a disturbance in 1800 block of South Ocean Drive.

A naked man, identified later as Walter E. Martin, had been thrown out of a window of the Martinique condominiums at 1893 South Ocean, according to witnesses. A cell phone video taken by one of the onlookers show the man staggering around the parking lot.

He sees a car leaving the lot and jumps on top of it, only to jump off it again a block further down the road at a valet station. Here he wrestled with a valet before stealing a gray SUV and driving down A1A into Golden Beach.

The police gave chase and caught up with him southbound on South Ocean Drive. He was driving erratically and bumped an officer with the car when they tried to stop him. The police then opened fire on the SUV. The car got stuck when Martin tried to cross the median and Martin fled on foot.

Police caught him soon after he left the vehicle and he was taken to hospital for non-life threatening injuries. He will be taken to jail as soon as he is released from hospital.

Two police officers were also injured and taken to hospital. They were treated for minor injuries and have since been released.