The first coronavirus infection confirmed in Slovenia


Slovenian Prime Minister Marjan Sarec has announced that doctors have confirmed the first case of coronavirus infection in Slovenia.

The government issued the latest official information today at 6 pm (CET), when no cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Slovenia. However, the invitation to the evening statement by the Minister of Health, Ales Saber , prompted speculation as to whether Slovenia also confirmed the first case of a new coronavirus.

Now the PM Marjan Sarec confirmed on Twitter that Slovenia have the first confirmed coronavirus infection case.


The patient came from Morocco via Italy to Slovenia. He visited his personal doctor today and was sent to the UKC Ljubljana Infectious Disease Clinic, on the grounds that he showed visible signs of coronavirus disease. After testing, the sample was positive and the patient is currently in the prepared room of the UKC Ljubljana.

All Slovenian neighboring countries have already confirmed the first cases of infection. In neighboring Italy, 107 people have already died as a result of the virus, with 3089 infections reported so far. The Italian authorities have therefore decided to close all schools and universities in the country starting tomorrow.