Serbian man loses BMW after bragging about his pro-Putin, James Bond-style license plate flipper

  • Man from Tutin, Serbia got his BMW M5 seized on Thursday after police realized he was using a ‘license plate flipper’
  • During a Tik-Tok video man brags about his James Bond-style license plate, with one side reading PUTIN

Tutin, Serbia– Members of the Serbian Police Department, confiscated a BMW M5 vehicle with Tutin registration plates, on suspicion of “committing the criminal offense of forging documents”.

According to the latest information, the owner of the vehicle is temporarily working in Russia. He installed a mechanism to hide real license plates on a BMW M5 car, and behind the real plates were those with the name of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The man boasted about this “invention” on the social network TikTok, which attracted a lot of public attention in Tutin.

The police checked the vehicle and found that behind the real registration plates of the vehicle there were fake license plates with the markings “TT PUTIN“. TT is Serbian city code for Tutin.

The vehicle was immediately confiscated and will be kept for up to 90 days, and according to the information, the owner of the vehicle is currently outside Serbia.

The original license plate flipper was first seen in Goldfinger, when James Bond used a 1964 Aston Martin DB5. Revolving rear licence plate in the movie features licences FMP 7B, 007 JB and JB 007.