Latest poll shows that 45% of Brits can work from home if necessary


In February we published an article showing share of working people who usually work from home. Back then, Great Britain was at 4% which was 10% lower than the Netherlands. But now, one month later, due to coronavirus epidemic millions of workers are figuring out a new work-life balance.

Italy has extended its emergency coronavirus measures to entire country, and UK prepares to ask even mildly sick to stay home. And now what? Who can work from home?

YouGov tried to answer this question –Do you think it would or would not be practically possible for you to carry out your current job from home?-and apparently half of the UK population will not be able to work from home.

According to YouGov:– almost half of working Brits (48%) say it would not be practically possible to do their job from home in the event they were told to because of COVID-19. This rises to 70% among C2DE workers (Blue-collar jobs). On the other side 57% workers from ABC1 (white-collar jobs) said that they would be able to work from home if needed.

Five people have so far died from coronavirus in the UK.

Many tech companies, like Twitter, Microsoft and Box, asked their employees to work from home to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus.