Satellite imagery shows Kim hides in a coastal resort


While the rest of North Korea is unprotected from COVID-19 infections,satellite images of the North Korean Wonsan resort and the recent luxury yacht movements often used by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un suggest that he may have retreated to this coastal resort. The North Korean leader reportedly had cardiovascular surgery, but there was no known information about him being seriously ill.

Kim Jong Un is likely to have withdrawn to Vonsan to avoid infection with the new coronavirus, Reuters reported . In doing so, he cites estimates by US and South Korean officials who question media reports that the North Korean leader is seriously ill . Kim last appeared in public on April 11, and according to some media reports at the time, he was supposed to have cardiovascular surgery a day later.

Speculation regarding Kim’s healthy yeah and about where they are currently located, began, then when for the first time did not attend slov honesty on the 15th April, which North Korea commemorating the anniversary of his late grandfather, the founder of North Korea Kim Il Sung .

The NK PRO website today posted satellite images taken by commercial satellites that clearly display the vessels Kim frequently sails with. The movement of these vessels suggests that Kim may be in Vonsan. Last week, a report from the US-based North Korea Control Project 38 North concluded from satellite imagery that Kim could be at the resort, as his personal train is stationed there.

As the satellite images show, there are several guest villas on Kim’s estate in Vonsan on the east coast of North Korea, a private beach, a basketball court and a private train station. Last year, they began building a riding track, and at the mooring in the boathouse is Kim’s luxury yacht Princess 95, which was worth $ 7 million in 2013.

The North Korean media last reported on Kim’s activities on April 11 when he chaired the meeting, but his letters and diplomatic messages are reported daily.