MCD stock alert. What the future holds?


Corona hardly affects an industry like gastronomy. The National Restaurant Association estimates that U.S. restaurants lost more than $ 30 billion in sales in March and as much as $ 50 billion in April. According to the reservation service OpenTable, the worst is yet to come.

While restaurants in some U.S. states are allowed to reopen, there can be no question of normalcy. In Texas, the number of guests dropped 84 percent last week compared to the previous year. In Missouri, where restaurants, cinemas and even stadiums have reopened, visitor numbers have even dropped by 98 percent.

A crash that many restaurants will not survive, say the experts at OpenTable. They expect one in four US restaurants to close forever due to the corona crisis.

Meanwhile, preparations for the re-start are in full swing at McDonald’s. The fast food giant is planning several protective measures for customers and employees. Among other things, adhesive tape on the floor should prompt compliance with the minimum distance. The self-tap system is switched off.

In addition, McDonald’s wants to lock several tables in the restaurants to create enough space between the guests. The touch screens should be cleaned constantly.

McDonald’s has weathered several crises, but the corona crisis is undoubtedly the biggest. But there is no need to worry about Big M – the company would most likely be caught by the state in an emergency. Should there really be a bankruptcy wave in the industry, McDonald’s should attract more customers with clever offers on the menu card. Those who think long term probably know that Mcdonald’s Corp (NYSE: MCD) stock lost only 13% year-to-date