Tesla rebound continues, with no big reason for the rally


Credit Suisse has changed the price target for Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) from $ 470 to $ 580. More relevant to the course of the course are new drone videos from China, which show the huge expansion of the Model 3 factory, which the Model Y should also build in the future.

There is also increasing hope that Tesla could survive the e-car crisis – 40 percent decline in sales in the industry is expected in 2020 – relatively well. Venso Automotive asked 200 UK consumers whether they wanted to buy an electric car after the corona crisis ended. The surprise: 62 percent are ready, 17 percent have even made the firm decision to switch to battery drive.

Elon Musk also signaled that there could still be an update for the future robot taxi function in 2020.

Not all problems have been solved yet. Reminder: The main plant in Fremont has been down for three weeks. According to the new internal assessment, production is not expected to restart until May 4. But the stock is already celebrating the end of the lockdown and is generating another buy signal.