Lufthansa stocks are going down. What you need to know.


Deutsche Lufthansa AG stocks are undoubtedly one of the most exciting shares in the DAX. No other corporation in the leading index has been hit as hard by the corona shutdown as the largest airline in Europe. Numerous private investors or the billionaire Heinz Hermann Thiele currently consider the share to be an absolute bargain.

But what do the analysts recommend?

Of the 26 experts who regularly deal with the Lufthansa share, only two currently advise buying. Eight analysts rate the paper as “hold”, 16 recommend selling it.

The average price target of 7.37 euros is almost eleven percent below the current price level. One of the most skeptical experts is Johannes Braun von Mainfirst, who sees the fair value of the DAX shares at only 2.50 euros.


On the other hand, the Lufthansa share for Daniel Roeska von Bernstein is still a buy. In his study published yesterday, he reduced the price target from EUR 13.60 to EUR 10.00, but points out that the papers have a convincing risk-reward ratio if government aid is agreed.

To make matters worse, concerns about a major capital increase or, in the worst case, even the self-administered bankruptcy are brought into play by the Lufthansa boss.