Chaos at the Croatian-Serbian border: ‘Inhumane, we’ve been waiting for 10 hours…’


Croatia joined Schengen at the beginning of the year, and the “consequences” are also visible at some Croatian border crossings, as Croatia’s external borders are now also the external borders of the Schengen area. This weekend, when many people are returning to the EU after the holidays, has caused a lot of anger.

“It’s inhumane, we’ve been waiting for 10 hours…”, among other things, grumbled those caught in the convoys of vehicles. The biggest line of cars was in the morning when entering Croatia from Serbia. The waiting time at Bajakovo was about six hours, and two hours at Tovarnik.

The reader, who informed the media about what happened in the night rush, said that they waited for about 10 hours for the 3.5 kilometer shift.

She added that they could not buy water or food anywhere. “People are disturbed, they blow their horns all the time. They don’t have food or water, it’s inhumane,” she described the situation.

Meanwhile, HAK reports that traffic is increased this morning on the A3 Bregana-Lipovac highway and at the Zagreb-Vzhod toll booth in the direction of Bregana, as well as at some border crossings with Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina on the way to Croatia, where the waiting time continues to be several hours long.

Due to the end of holidays and vacations, increased traffic is also expected from the direction of Croatia through Slovenia towards the Karavanke tunnel. Yesterday in the afternoon, there was a compacted column and traffic jams on the Lipce – Karavanke highway section in Gorenje, announced the PU Kranj. All participants are advised to ensure a greater safety distance, drive patiently and carefully.