Employee of Russian Space Agency, Yuri Gagarin, robbed in Moscow.

Moscow from space, source:http://en.roscosmos.ru/362/

MOSCOW, Jan 16 – Roscosmos (Russian Corporation for Space Activities) employee, bearing the same name as the legendary astronaut and the first man in space , Yuri Gagarin turned to law enforcement after money disappeared from his credit card.

According to the press service of the headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs , last week the police department in the Presnensky district received a statement from 45-year-old Moscow resident Yuri Gagarin stating that on January 6, an unknown person stole money from his card in several transactions.

“The applicant didn’t give the bank card to anyone, he didn’t tell the PIN number to anyone either, he didn’t lose the bank card and documents. The damage caused was 20.6 thousand Rubles ($325),” the statement said.

A criminal case has been opened under the article “Theft”. According to a source, the victim is an employee of Roscosmos.