Merck share price sets for new all time high after Q1 2020 report


Merck & Co., Inc. (NYSE: MRK) an American multinational pharmaceutical company incorporated in New Jersey released today its financial results for the first quarter of 2020. The results are all over the place as they posted worldwide Sales $12.1 Billion which is 11% increase.

Is Merck a good stock to buy?

At this point Merck is a great stock to buy. The best time to buy Merck shares was a month ago when it bottomed due to COVID-19 pandemic. But at the moment this share is still a bargain at $83.98. It is expected that shares of MRK stock is probably going well over $100 after positive announcement on coronavirus related news. Merck has teams of scientists researching COVID-19 and assessing their available antiviral candidates and vaccine assets for potential to impact COVID-19

But besides this Merck is working on many other drugs in cooperation with leading developers.

How much money does Merck made?

First-Quarter 2020 Worldwide Sales Were $12.1 Billion, an Increase of 11%; Excluding the Impact from Foreign Exchange, Sales Grew 13%
oKEYTRUDA Sales Grew 45% to $3.3 Billion; Excluding the Impact from Foreign Exchange, Sales Grew 46%
oHuman Health Vaccines Sales Grew 14% to $2.2 Billion, Including the Effect of Timing; Excluding the Impact from Foreign Exchange, Sales Grew 16%

What drugs does Merck make?

The following table reflects sales of the company’s top pharmaceutical products, as well as sales of animal health drugs.

KEYTRUDA  3,284   2,269   45%  46%

JANUVIA / JANUMET  1,277   1,354   -6%  -4%

GARDASIL / GARDASIL 1,097   838   31%  33%

PROQUAD, M-M-R II and VARIVAX  435   496   -12%  -12%

BRIDION  299   255   17%  19%

PNEUMOVAX 23  256   185   39%  40%

ISENTRESS / ISENTRESS HD  245   255   -4%  -2%

ROTATEQ  222   211   5%  6%

SIMPONI  215   208   3%  7%

ZETIA / VYTORIN  198   238   -17%  -15%

Animal Health Drugs  1,214   1,025   18%  21%

Livestock  739   611   21%  24%

Companion Animals  475   414   15%  17%

For the full-year 2020, Merck expects an unfavorable impact to revenue of approximately $2.1 billion (excluding the impact of foreign exchange) due to COVID-19, comprised of approximately $1.7 billion for pharmaceuticals and approximately $400 million for Animal Health.

How much money Merck make from GARDASIL?

As previously stated, Merck made more than $1B, or exactly from Gardasil in Q1 2020. Growth in vaccines in Q1r was driven by higher sales of GARDASIL/GARDASIL 9 reflecting timing of shipments of approximately $120 million in China, timing of public sector purchases of approximately $70 million in the U.S., higher demand in China and Europe as well as pricing in the U.S. Growth was partially offset by the unfavorable effects of COVID-19 in certain markets, particularly in the U.S. and Hong Kong.