Thursday Bulls and Bears:AMZN,APPL,BLK,BK,ABT,HTZ


Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) has discreetly launched a new iPhone at a price of $ 399, targeting consumers who are more budget conscious in times of crisis. The iPhone SE will cost $ 50 less than the cheapest of the previous ones, the iPhone 8, which will no longer be sold.

BlackRock(NYSE: BLK), the American asset management giant, saw its total assets under management fall below 7,000 billion dollars, which obviously remains … quite substantial. The fall in assets under management observed in the first quarter of 2020 with the stock market crash nevertheless represents a record. The portfolios of the group’s customers were indeed badly damaged by the crisis following the epidemic of Covid-19 coronavirus. The firm’s total revenues for the quarter ended nevertheless increased by 11% to $ 3.71 billion. Net profit stood at $ 806 million and $ 5.15 per share, against $ 1.05 billion a year earlier. Assets under management at the end of the period represented approximately 6.470 billion dollars. They were 6.520 billion a year before and … 7.

Bank of New York Mellon (NYSE: BK) published for its first quarter results exceeding market expectations. The New York bank made earnings per share of $ 1.05 and revenues of $ 4.11 billion for the quarter, while analysts’ consensus was 88 cents of profit per share for 3.88 billion income. A year earlier, the establishment had posted a EPS of 94 cents and revenues of 3.9 billion.

Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS), the American investment bank, missed the consensus of place on the first fiscal quarter and anticipates a lasting impact of the coronavirus Covid-19 on its activity, while 90% of the workforce of the firm are currently telecommuting. For the quarter ended end of March, the bank posted earnings per share of $ 1.01, down 27% year-on-year and 12 cents below market consensus. Revenues of the firm declined 8% year-on-year to $ 9.5 billion, quite close to broker estimates. Provisions for credit losses increased to $ 388 million.

Abbott (+ 5%) announced for its first quarter ended end of March global sales of $ 7.7 billion, up 2.5% on a consolidated basis and 4.3% on an organic basis. Diluted EPS from continuing operations represented 30 cents in GAAP, while adjusted earnings per share reached 65 cents. Due to the uncertainties over the duration of the health crisis, the group suspends its previous guidance for the year 2020. The group insists on its solid financial position and its cash situation of approximately $ 3.7 billion. Abbott recently launched three tests of the Covid-19.

Amazon NASDAQ:AMZN (+ 4%) posted a historic high for the third consecutive session. The share jumped 17% in 3 sessions and has soared nearly 28% since the start of the year. Against the flow of most companies, Amazon takes full advantage of this exceptional period during which Internet users, confined to their homes to fight against the spread of the Covid-19, are increasing their online orders. To meet this massive demand, the group said on Monday that it had set itself the goal of hiring 175,000 workers in two months in the United States.

The group has already hired 100,000 employees in the United States for the month of March alone. In April, the group plans to recruit 75,000 more people in the country, he said in a statement released on Monday. Amazon also plans to re-authorize third-party sites to sell certain non-essential products through its platform.

Alphabet NASDAQ: GOOGL(+1%), the parent company of Google, plans to slow its hiring for the rest of the year due to the epidemic of Covid-19, according to news agency Bloomberg today.

Hertz Global Holdings Inc (NYSE: HTZ)(-15%) in bear of the day. The New York Post reports that there is a 50% chance that car rental company Hertz Global Holdings will file for bankruptcy protection in the absence of a government bailout. JC Penney must for his part start again the discussions around a restructuring of his debt. He would have informed his creditors according to the Wall Street Journal.