Singer of the Grammy Award-nominated Detroit band pays off mortgage for Christmas so dad can retire


For I Prevail vocal Brian Burkheiser, blood is thicker than water.

Burkheiser, the lead singer and songwriter for the Detroit rock band, decided to light up his dead’s life by wrapping up a huge Christmas present: He paid off his $50K mortgage, leaving him debt-free.

He shared the sentimental moment via his Instagram account, explaining it was the least he could do. “At my lowest point when I was ready to leave I Prevail, you pushed me to not let go of my dream and fight through the trauma.”

In the video, Burkheiser holds a sign that reads “DEBT FREE . It’s paid off.”

Brian laugh quietly as his dad slumps into the couch in disbelief.

And then he tells to his dad, “We’re getting you out of that job and you’re gonna be able to spend all sorts of time with mom and us. You’re not gonna have to drive two-and-a-half hours to work anymore. So, fifty grand is going toward your mortgage to pay it off and starting the next chapter of everything.

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