Alabama man finds $11,570 in travelers’ checks stolen 20 years ago, inside a suitcase purchased at a thrift store…then tracks down the rightful owner.



A suitcase that was stolen 20 years ago turned up at a Waterfront Mission thrift store last week.

Someone bought the suitcase and found more than $11 000 in travelers checks inside.

The owner was found and said her house had been burglarized in 2000 and the suitcase containing the checks, dated back to 1997, were stolen. She wasn’t aware that they would still be valid, travelers checks never expire.

The person who bought the suitcase and found the checks turned them in and Foley Police Department tracked down the rightful owner . All check were signed by “Karen” and the woman behind the signature is Ms. Karen McGurk. The woman was very happy as she could use them for a medical procedure that she had been putting off for years.

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