A video of the alleged hit of AA missile at the UIA airliner over Iran


Telegram- channel “Milinfolive” published a video that allegedly captures the hit of a missile at the Ukrainian Boeing 737-800, which crashed near Tehran.

The video shows a faat flying object and a flash on a take-off object, which is supposedly an airplane. Seconds later, an explosion is heard.

Earlier, the head of the Civil Aviation Organization of Iran, denied the version of a possible missile strike on a Ukrainian airliner. Prior to this, the Pentagon said that the plane was probably accidentally shot down from the anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) “Tor-M1” of the Iranian army. US President Donald Trump also suggested that a technical malfunction was not the cause of the disaster.

The Boeing 737-800 of Ukraine’s International Airlines (UIA) caught fire and crashed a few minutes after taking off from Tehran Airport early on January 8. Yesterday we posted images of alleged AA missiles found at a crash site.