Transgender man and non-binary partner give birth to baby with the help of transgender sperm donor and transgender doctor


In the UK, a transgender person gave birth, having become pregnant from the biological material of a transgender woman. According to The Mirror, a transgender doctor performed delivery of the Briton.

39-year-old Reuben Sharpe made a transgender transition 12 years ago. However, he always wanted to have a baby, so six years ago he stopped taking testosterone regularly to be able to give birth.

On February 29,2019 Reuben and his partner Jay posted on their GuFUndMe page.


THANK YOU SO MUCH. We could not have done this without all the support and are so, so grateful!!

Any future donations will go towards the huge hole in our bank account and preparing for the little ones arrival!

CAN’T BELIEVE IT! here’s a photo of us with our 12 week scan, we’ll update with more photos along the way!

His partner, 28-year-old Jay, who identifies himself as a non-binary person ( neither male or female), supported the initiative of his lover.

According to a Sky News report, Sharpe now “feels complete” now that he and his partner have a baby of their own.

The couple turned to a sperm bank and decided to go with a transgender woman as a donor. Sharpe managed to get pregnant using Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) after the third attempt. They specifically selected a transgender doctor to accompany Sharp’s pregnancy so that he would not ask unnecessary questions and was well versed in the nuances of transgender health.

Sharpe gave birth to a baby three months ago through C-section. However, happy parents decided to talk about it only now. Sharpe and Jay named the newborn Jaime. They are not going to instill in him gender stereotypes and expect that he will determine his gender when he grows up. The couple is going to get married in 2020.

In May, a case of transgender person was reported who went to the hospital complaining of abdominal pain and gave birth to a stillborn baby. The cause of the death of the fetus could be a negligent attitude of doctors and nurses to the patient, as he did not receive prompt assistance, as his pregnancy was considered obesity.