Stephen King quits Facebook over “flood of false information” and privacy concerns.

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American writer Stephen King deleted his Facebook page and invited fans to follow him on Twitter.

According to famous horror writer, he is uncomfortable being on the social network due to the large amount of false information in political advertising. He also added that he fears for his personal data.

King created his Facebook page back in December 28, 2012 and had 5.3M Likes before he deleted his page. At Twitter he have 5.7M followers.


Two days ago, Telegram founder Pavel Durov again criticized the Facebook-owned WhatsApp messenger ,saying that “…WhatsApp uses the words “end-to-end encryption” as some magic incantation that alone is supposed to automatically make all communications secure . However, this technology is not a silver bullet that can guarantee you absolute privacy by itself.”

Durov recalled that last year he wrote about a vulnerability discovered in the messenger, which allows hackers to access any data on the phone. At the same time, Facebook then assured that there is no evidence that the attackers used this vulnerability.

In contrast to Facebook’s policy, Twitter has banned all political ads on its platform.