Seventeen children and nine adults injured after Delta Airlines Boeing 777 dropped jet fuel on 2 L.A. area schools due to mechanical issues.


Dozens of people at two schools in the Los Angeles area were treated after a Boeing 777 with mechanical issues dumped a load of jet fuel during an emergency landing on Tuesday, LA Fire Department said.

Fire Department responded with Firefighter-Paramedics and Hazardous Materials Specialists to Jordan High School and 93rd Elementary, which are both within the city limits of Los Angeles, for exposure to an unconfirmed substance that fell from above after an aircraft passed over the school at a relatively low altitude (substance reportedly smelled like fuel).

As a result, 26 people were injured, 17 of them – children, as specified, they received “minor injuries.”

According to preliminary data, there was a “dumping of fuel from an airplane flying to Los Angeles International Airport”. A video of the incident was posted on Twitter by a local resident, over whose house an airplane flew over.

Experts have confirmed that the substance that fell on the ground near the school building 24 kilometers from the airport is jet fuel.

Here is the statement from Delta