Photos leaked this morning show the cockpit of the UIA Boeing 737 which has clearly been hit by a shrapnel from a missile


The first shots that were leaked today show the details of the Ukrainian Boeing’s hull pierced by the striking elements of the Russian 9M330 Tor missile system.

This is the damning evidence after which Iranian government had to admit to unintentionally shooting the airliner down, which claimed the lives of 176 people. These shots were taken this morning, they were provided to Ukrainian journalist working at Censor. Missiles were launched at a site near the airport in Tehran (leaked video here), where there is a study of debris. Ukrainian experts found evidence of a damage made by a sharp metal pieces to the Boeing International Airlines of Ukraine fuselage at about 10 PM yesterday.

Whole fragments of the lower front of the fuselage have not yet been found – obviously, it was here that a missile hit. The upper part of the cockpit survived (image below) – it was pierced by striking elements from inside the cockpit, which indicates an explosion from below.


Also Ukrainain experts found a passport of a citizen of Canada, with holes, also similar to the striking elements.(image below).

The cabin burned from the inside, traces of fire are on the inner surface of the parts.

The work of Ukrainian experts continues. Today found new parts punched by military elements.

Earlier today Iran’s IRGC Aerospace Force commander says that the air defense system had identified the UkranianPlane as “cruise missile” at a 19 km distance, adding that the “request had been made to clear the sky from civil flights at that time, but it had not happened due to reservations”

The operator radioed the commander and after not getting a response in 10 seconds the operator decided to fire the anti aircraft missile.

The operator had reportedly been informed cruise missiles had been launched at Iran and this was a case of misidentification.