Last night, at Ben-Gurion airport, the engine of Air Rwanda Boeing 737-800 caught fire before takeoff. The same model as the one that crashed in Iran today.


According to Sharon Idan (Israely radio journalist), who first posted a video of the Rwanda Air Boeing 737-800 on fire, the plane was about to leave Tel Aviv Ben Gurion international airport.

Rwanda Air’s Boeing 737 was delayed indefinitely before flying from Ben Gurion Airport to Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. This is due to the technical malfunction of the airliner: according to Sharon Idan , the engine caught fire during acceleration before takeoff.


At that moment, more than 100 passengers were on board the aircraft. All of them citizens of Israel. No one was injured; passengers returned from the liner to the terminal. You can follow current position of the exact plane (AirRwanda 9XR-WF) via Flightradar.