An El Al Boeing 777 flight from Newark made an emergency landing after reports of smoke in cockpit


An El Al flight en route to Israel from New Jersey(Newark) late Thursday night (local time) made an emergency landing in Halifax Stanfield after it was reported that the plane had been filled with smoke.

Boeing 777 that has a capacity of 279 passengers was scheduled to arrive in Israel at 1:20 PM Israel time, about three hours before the start of the Shabbat. It was scheduled to leave at 9 PM local time in Newark, one of the airports that serve the New York metropolitan area.

Shortly after the departure, El Al flight #LY26 was filled with smoke, forcing the crew to request an emergency landing in Canada.

A Halifax Fire official said there were no injuries to anyone on board.

“The aircraft is still here and the passengers were deplaned once it was determined the flight would not continue last night,” HIAA spokesperson Tiffany Chase said.

And since 135 passangers were stranded, Jewish community from Brooklyn jumped to save the day, and according to Israeli journalist Sharon Idan -“A group of Jewish pilots from Brooklyn embark on Halifax on light aircraft with Challah (a special bread in Jewish cuisine) and food in favor of the 135 passengers and crew who are stuck at the scene after an El Al aircraft.Minus 11 degrees. They are now shopping and closing crates and kosher food for passengers, and soon they are taking off on private planes. respect.”

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