A new photo of the alleged part of the rocket at the crash site in Iran

Image: https://twitter.com/Liberalist_30/status/1215215162161975298

Twitter user @ Liberalist_30 posted another photograph allegedly taken at crash site of the UIA Boeing 737-800 in Iran, which allegedly shows a fragment of an anti-aircraft missile. According to the user, he was sent this picture via Telegram channel.

The image was also noticed by the founder of the online publication Bellingcat , British journalist Eliot Higgins, who commented on a previous similar photo. He noted that the new image is as difficult to verify as the first one. “…still going to be very hard to geolocate it based on what’s visible in the image, ” the expert explained, and continued:”These photos are incredibly frustrating, they’re potential extremely significant, but next to impossible to verify their location because the angle of the camera is too high to catch the details needed in the background (like buildings) we’d need to geolocate it.”

Based on these images, the network suggested that the Ukrainian Boeing could have been shot down by a missile launched from the Tor AA missile system (SAM) – such weapons are at the disposal of the Iranian army.

Ukrainian authorities said today that they will investigate wether the UIA airliner was shot down.