$200,000 Bentley Continental GT named “people’s car of the year”


On December 27, 2019 Bentley published a newsletter where they brag about their achievements in the year behind us. According to Bentley:

Bentley has rounded off a memorable centenary year with a record number of global awards and accolades. The world’s most sought-after luxury car brand claimed no fewer than 26 titles, being recognised as Britain’s ‘Most Admired Car Company’ and for its superlative luxury motors.

Some of the awards claimed by Bentley this year are:‘Luxury Car of the Year’, ‘China Design Car of the Year’, ‘Middle East Best Luxury Coupe’ …

But what is the most interesting part of the press release? The fact that Bentley got an award by the “People”. When I think about the people I think about an average Joe, working 9-5, driving a Ford or a Toyota. Bentley? Yes, if you are living in Monaco.

Bentley, being “the most sought after luxury car brand in the world” received a prize at 2019 Sunday Times Motor Awards, by Jeremy Clarkson himself. The full name of the award- The “People’s Car of the Year” and it goes to no less than the Bentley Continental GT, which, in its base form, costs around $200K.

While the crowd was surprised with his choice, Jeremy Clarkson explains his decision in following words:

“Number one, Bentley is owned by Volkswagen, and as we know, Volkswagen means ‘people’s car’. Second reason is, around where I live, there are people and they all have helicopters. So it is a people’s car. ”

So, there you have it, people that do have money fly choppers, poor labourers of a low social status, people like you and yours truly, we tend to use ground transportation, which means that Bentley is a car that anyone can buy and drive. If you are not bothered with too much traffic.