14-years-old kid hospitalized after he was brutally beaten on school bus for wearing TRUMP hat (VIDEO)


It is a dangerous thing to drive in the school bus these days. Especially if you are a 14-years-old kid surrounded by people that oppose your point of view.

In the following video you will see a vicious attack by a girl and 3 boys on kid in school bus. His only sin was saying his mind out loud.

Video is posted by a Twitter user American Diaries.



  1. While I certainly do not promote violence of any kind, if the boy goes to a diverse school, sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. The fact is that those red hats are often used as way of saying “F– you” to minorities. I don’t know if the kid meant it this way, but you can’t blame the black kids for being offended. Of course they should not have attacked him and should be punished. However, it wouldn’t hurt if the kid came to understand exactly why they were offended by that hat. For many people, red hat = hat red = hatred.

  2. Yep. Support a demon racist monster, get your ass pummeled. That kid had to learn the hard way that emulating his parents shitty beliefs has consequences. Too bad, so sad.

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