Biden announcement could push XSPA stock into $5 territory.


It is that time of the year again. Underdog stocks such as XpresSpa Group Inc (NASDAQ:XSPA) could see massive gains as Omicron variant is causing new wave of panic among politicians.

XSPA stock has been under the radar for more than a year now, since June 2020. Back then this stock peaked at around $7 and has been losing its value since then. But something is brewing for the last 3 weeks.

XSPA started climbing from $1.3 on November 11th, and is now sitting at $1.74. This is 30% gain in under one month!

And now, XSPA investors are betting on Biden to boost winter pandemic protection measures. And XSPA seems ready to move in and use its network of airport testing facilities to finally push its shares into the green zone (which is above $4 for most investors).

Yesterday, CDC announced during a White House Covid-19 briefing that the CDC is expanding surveillance to keep an eye out for the Omicron variant with XpresCheck, to the following four places:

— Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
— John F. Kennedy International Airport
— Newark Liberty International Airport
— San Francisco International Airport

“We are actively working to scale up this collaborative post-arrival airport-based surveillance testing program to monitor for this new variant in arriving travelers.”-said Doug Satzman, XpresSpa Group CEO on November 30.

If you were smart you invested back when XSPA was $1.3, but now is a bit different game. Still , a lot of room for some serious green candles.